Margaret Seymour

Margaret Seymour is an artist and educator who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She makes sculptural objects and installations that often extend the physical space of the gallery into ‘virtual’ or imagined space. Initially she experimented with simple reflections. Later on she developed a low-tech 3D stereoscopic projection system that mirrored the gallery space and those within it. More recently she makes interactive objects that invoke temporal and spatial displacements. For example in the work Remote Sensing (2014), viewers move the ‘trolley object’ around the gallery to reveal a virtual image of another site within a large rectangle marked out in tape on the floor.

Margaret is interested in the way physical and virtual spaces increasingly converge and how this convergence both enables and sometimes restricts social and cultural change.

Remote SensingSolar EchoTrackerShiver and DisappearPas de DeuxScanners 1 and 2AngelicaDis/appearThe Mirrored RoomThe Observation RoomArchitectural interventionsSite-specific installations


Margaret has over 15 years experience teaching undergraduate degree courses and supervising higher degree research candidates. She has received various awards and grants including winner of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2011. Margaret also regularly participates in international conferences and her peer-reviewed conference papers are available online.

2015 - BAiR residency at The Banff Centre, Canada
2012 - Australia Council New Work grant
2011 - winner of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
2005 - Australia Council New Media Arts Board International Residency: Banff, Canada